Léo Guibert


Hello! My name is Léo Guibert,
I’m a French type designer based in Paris. I graduated in 2020 from EsadType post-graduate course in Amiens with my project Welfare. I also graduated in 2018 from the DSAA Design Typographique (MFA Type Design) in École Estienne, Paris with a project about experimental workhorse typefaces.

I regularly work with Typofonderie (FR).
I also collaborated with different companies in the fields of type and graphic design, like PoliceStudio (FR 2021), Integral Designers (FR 2021), Rostislav Vaňek's Signature Type (CZ 2017), Typophage (FR 2016), and others.

In addition to my design work, I also teach typography courses in Paris (2016-2022).
Aside from drawing typefaces, I enjoy practicing stone carving, taking photos or reading comic books.
Feel free to contact me for projects or to see a complete portfolio!

My typefaces are available on request :


Instagram : leoguibert.ttf
Twitter : Léo Guibert